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sorel camping to a new restaurant.
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Wifi Internet access
The campsite is equipped with a paid Wifi Internet access.
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Rando-Camp Label
Camping de Sorel obtained the "Rando-Camp" label, this is a well-known label for hiking campsites. This label allows the campsite to propose special hiking weekends and holidays, in the Oise forests, surrounded by castles and track roads.

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An entirely new website to get an even better image of the campsite, with more photos and practical information.

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AESTIVA, Camping de Sorel
24 r Saint Claude Sorel
60490 Orvillers Sorel

aestiva camping
Telephone:0033 3 44 85 02 74

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hiking trail oise You can depart from the campsite and enjoy some beautiful hiking tracks in the forests of the Oise region.
Our green and quiet campsite is situated near the GR 123 that will take you through our beautiful preserved nature.
We would like to remind you that the campsite organizes special hiking weekends and holidays through the "Rando-Camp" label. We invite all hikers to stay on our campsite on a few specific dates, to meet up with other hikers and enjoy the surrounding nature together. A nice way to make some new friends. Check our weekends and holidays!
castle sorel oise

castle compiegne oise

The château de Sorel next to the campsite is really worth a visit.
You will enjoy the small wildlife. You will see rabbits and other animals in the open nature.


Other castles that are part of the local Oise region culture are also open to visitors:
You will find the château de Compiègne at half an hour from the campsite.

But also the château de Pierrefonds.
golf oise compiègne

For those who love to play golf, the 18 holes golfcourse of Compiègne is situated at half an hour of the campsite.

This golfcourse is on a unique spot in the centre of town and in the middle of the racetrack. Many golf players can only dream about this. This flat course is ideal and suitable to all weather types. Clubhouse with bridge room. Restaurant.
museum figurine compiegne

Check out the many museums that are situated at half an hour from the campsite.
Museum of historical miniatures called the « Musée de la figurine historique » and the « Musée Antoine Vivenel »
Le Chalet de l’Impératrice ; the « empress chalet »

And let’s not forget the chapels and the memorials.
hiking forest oise.jpg We did not forget you mountain bikers!
Beautiful tracks are waiting for you.
We propose you a dormitory of 12 beds for groups or clubs that wish to use it. You can also use our rental accommodations.
list of hiking trails in the Oise.
foto parc asterix france

parc asterix france
At only 30 minutes from camping the Sorel in the Oise region:
Parc Astérix, second most visited attraction park of France, situated near Paris in Plailly (Oise), is organised around the Gallic theme of the well-known comic book. Parc Astérix has a good reputation thanks to its water park attractions and over ten various shows.

The thrill-seekers choose the loops of the incredible and certainly Goudurix Tonnerre de Zeus, the rollercoaster that shook all visitors. The Dolphinarium dolphin leaping and now represent the most popular show among the ten shows played at Parc Asterix.