New Restaurant
sorel camping to a new restaurant.
(Special offers)

Wifi Internet access
The campsite is equipped with a paid Wifi Internet access.
(Special offers)

Rando-Camp Label
Camping de Sorel obtained the "Rando-Camp" label, this is a well-known label for hiking campsites. This label allows the campsite to propose special hiking weekends and holidays, in the Oise forests, surrounded by castles and track roads.

new website
An entirely new website to get an even better image of the campsite, with more photos and practical information.

Contact Info
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AESTIVA, Camping de Sorel
24 r Saint Claude Sorel
60490 Orvillers Sorel

aestiva camping
Telephone:0033 3 44 85 02 74

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mobil home accomodation oise

Our 4/6 person accommodations have:
2 bedrooms, with a double bed in the one room and two simple beds in the other. 1 sofabed in the lounge.
Equipped with a fridge, a microwave and a gashob. Separate toilets and shower. Private terrace.

Rent from 06/02 to 11/06 Rent from 12/06 to 10/09 Rent from 11/09 to 17/12
350 € per week. 400 € per week. 350 € per week.
Rent 1 night 2 nigths 3 nights 4 nights
90€ 140 € 190 € 250 €
cabin camping france oise Our 6/8 person accommodations are spacious, and have a fridge, a television, a gashob, a microwave, and separate toilets and shower.
3 bedrooms, one of which with 2 simple beds, one with 1 double bed and a third with 1 simple bed.
1 sofabed for 2 persons in the lounge. Private terrace.
Rent from 06/02 to 11/06 from 12/06 to 10/09 from 11/09 to 17/12
370 € per week. 420 € per week. 370 € per week.
Rent 1 night 2 nights 3 nights 4 nights
110€ 160 € 210 € 270 €
mobil home camping oise

You can also become owner of a mobile home.
For more information: 0033 (0)3 44 85 02 74.

Information about buying a mobile home or chalet
cottage for sale france oise near paris

Our rental accommodations are situated in the row before the one with the chalets we propose for sale.

Becoming owner of a chalet means enjoying our campsite all throughout the year. A perfect spot to spend a holiday but also your weekends (at only 50 minutes from Paris and 30 minutes from the Parc Astérix).